• Cool Technology: Augmented Reality is Our Parallel Dimension

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    There’s so much technology around us that at times it seems like noise while other times it’s a value add. Then of course, you have tech that blurs the line of both categorization – you’re not sure if it’s useless or useful. Augmented reality is one of those technologies. So what is augmented reality?

    This video explains what augmented reality is and how it can be used to enhance the awareness of our surroundings and environment.

    Here’s a cool example of how augmented reality can be leveraged for kids. A sandbox brought to life.

    Google is one of the many companies supporting this technology with plans of creating wearable accessories such as augmented reality glasses. “Project Glass” as it’s referred to has not been fully perfected, so we have yet to see or purchase the cool eyewear that puts digital content in your face – literally. Take a look at the initial demo below.

    In a society where we’re bombarded with massive amounts of information continually, augmented reality can be beneficial by retrieving and displaying content in a way that’s easy to understand and available realtime when you need it – the applications are endless. On the other hand, it can add to the already existant orchestra of data noise and information overload. Either way, when it goes mainstream it will become society’s real-life binary parallel dimension. Should be interesting.



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